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I started as an entry-level grower in the young medical marijuana industry back in 2008. After two years of blood, sweat, and tears I worked my way into a ‘Lead Grower’ position at ‘Northern Lights Cannabis Company’. For 5 years I dedicated my life to perfecting my craft. I went on to win four THC championships, a first and second place Rooster Cup, and a first-place High Times Cannabis Cup. As the industry progressed, I focused on producing a quality, taste, and aroma that not many can accomplish. When developing my formula I focused on creating a quality that stands out. I wanted to ensure an amazing taste, as well as provide a high that is unique.

After creating and developing my system, I then created my business plan and set out to start my own company. After speaking with multiple investors I decided to partner up with a gentleman who seemed to be the perfect fit. We then joined forces with New Amsterdam Organics. The previous majority owner mismanaged our operating capital until we as a company were on the brink of going out of business. He then fled the company trying to sell it from under us due to the enormous amount of debt he acquired. Luckily, he did not succeed due to a clause we had in our contract that gives my partner and me the first right of refusal on purchasing the business. At that point and time, my partner and I were forced to find an investor who could save us from demise. Fortunately for us, my partner’s brother was ready and willing to invest and join our adventure. Together we founded ‘The Chronic Factory‘. Here we focus on producing good, clean medicine. Using organic additives, as well as organic pesticides. We strive to deliver an experience to the patient/consumer that will be unforgettable. Here at the Chronic Factory our team of passionate growers, trimmers, and budtenders remain dedicated to producing quality clean medicine for as long as the universe allows us to.