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If you’re looking for the tradition, enjoyment and benefits of smoking marijuana flower but aren’t interested in becoming an expert at rolling the perfect joint, The Chronic Factory offers the ideal solution. As your favorite medical cannabis store in Denver, CO and surrounding areas, we invite you to shop the convenience and consistency of our pre-rolls. No practice, experience or extra paraphernalia is required. Simply light, put your feet up and inhale.

There’s no confusion over THC content, CBD content or ingredients. There’s never an over-abundance or not-enough flower. Ground and rolled just right, our pre-rolls avoid seeds, stems, mess, waste and frustration. Wonderful affordability allows for some helpful experimentation. Take the opportunity to figure out your favorite strains and terpenes. No matter which pre-roll you choose, you’re always certain to find unmatched quality at The Chronic Factory. 

Medical Marijuana Pre-Rolls for Sale

Pre-rolls are easy, clean and versatile. They are also quite portable. Whether you’re ready to mellow out after a stressful day, looking for an exhilarating experience, heading off on a hike or targeting aches, pains, inflammation, insomnia and numerous health concerns, The Chronic Factory is the right stop on your journey toward improved wellness. Along with our array of premier pre-rolls, we include a rewarding menu of medical cannabis and quick accessibility from anywhere throughout Denver, Edgewater, Englewood, Glendale, Wheat Ridge, and Commerce City, CO. 

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