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Always up on the latest innovations, The Chronic Factory is your cannabis vape store in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Vaporizers and cartridges take the more traditional experience of smoking marijuana without the concerns of combustion. Because the cannabis is heated up but not actually burned, your lungs are spared the carcinogens and yet you still enjoy rich flavors and quick onset of effects. 

With vaping, there’s no dirty ash to deal with or telltale aroma. The odor dissipates within seconds, making this consumption method especially discreet. There’s also the advantage of simple and more precise dosing, portability and a simple solution for those on-the-go, new to cannabis or experienced connoisseurs. From anywhere across Denver, Edgewater, Englewood, Glendale, Wheat Ridge, and Commerce City, CO, a stop to The Chronic Factory is a must for premier cannabis vaporizers, vape pens and more.

Medical Marijuana Vaporizers for Sale

Vaping offers approximately 95% of cannabinoid content. When compared to flower, it requires less product for the same effects. Whether you choose disposable or reusable/rechargeable vape pens, simply press the button, inhale and enjoy outstanding terpenes and THC content. You’ll find a rewarding array of popular strains, well-known manufactures and everything you need to enjoy the best of vaping at The Chronic Factory.  

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