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Photos by David Tomavich

Wedding Cake
A hybrid with indica-dominance and a fruity, sugary cherry-like flavor and sweet fragrance, Wedding Cake is sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake. It has dark green leaves, a frosty appearance, and offers a calming sensation and THC level of 25%.
Queen Mother Goji
An indica-dominant hybrid, Queen Mother Goji offers sweet berry flavors with tones of licorice, a sweet, earthy aroma, and a potent 30% average THC level that is ideal for a euphoric boost, lift of creativity, relaxation, and easing of aches and pains.
Lilac Diesel
An evenly balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, Lilac Diesel features a lightly sweet berry taste with hints of pine and sour citrus. It’s known for the mixed aromas of pungent diesel and sweet fruity berry, high 20-21% average THC level, and minty green nugs with unique lilac undertones. It’s perfect for achieving a very relaxed physical state.
Glue #4
A hybrid strain of 60% indica and 40% sativa, “Gorilla Glue” (aka “Original Glue” or “GG#4”) is popular for a heavy, lasting high due to the 18-32% THC level. With a peppery fragrance, spicy chemical chocolate flavor, and diesel exhale, Glue #4 creates an elated and careless state of mind.
Durban Kush
A perfectly balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, Durban Kush is the rare result of OG Kush crossed with Durban Poison strains. It’s a favorite because of the fast-acting effects, high 24-25% average THC level and the initial sense of bliss that deepens into relaxation. With a classic herbal kush aroma and spicy citrus flavor, it’s recommended for those with more experience.
Death Valley OG
This potent bud is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain and offers an incredible 34% average THC level. Recommended for experienced users, it supports mental energy and physical relaxation. The fragrance is earthy, herbal, spicy with a bit of lemon, and the flavor is a woody pine.
Witches Weed
The name is fitting. A 60% sativa/40% indica hybrid strain, Witches Weed is wonderfully flavorful, combining sweet honey sage with floral earth. The aroma is especially sweet yet mild, bringing to mind fresh sage and florals. With a 29% average THC level, the uplifting effects benefit both mind and body.
Chem Dawg
This rather mysterious 55% indica/45% sativa hybrid is of unknown genetics and origins yet is a perpetual favorite. The quintessential aroma combination of sharp earthy diesel and pungent skunkiness is matched with a flavor partnership of earth, chemicals, and sweet diesel. With a 19% average THC level, this popular bud yields a burst of creativity without anxiety.
Blue Head OG
A sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Head OG eases tension of the mind and body and uplifts the spirit. With a 13-18% THC level, its scent is a zesty orange with blueberries and the taste combines a berry tang with fresh earth. It’s often used to increase focus throughout the day.
East Coast Sour Diesel
A sativa-dominant hybrid, East Coast Sour Diesel is a deep forest green flower with bright orange hairs, covered with glistening trichomes. This strain provides THC levels up to 22%, less than 1% CBD, a sour aroma of gasoline and lemon, and an earthy, woody taste. Great for creativity, focus, and a nice, euphoric body high.
Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio provides a powerful, energizing high. This strain is a cross between Sour Bubble and Somali Taxi Ride and features a long, fluffy bud with fruity flavors. The effects are great for focus, daytime use, and even stress or depression relief.
Sour Berry Blue
A hybrid created by The Farm Genetics, Sour Berry Blue has all the fruity flavors you desire. The flower tastes like berries and fruity cocktails. The THC in this strain averages from 20-26.5% and provides a high that’s best for daytime use.
Mountain Thunder
Mountain Thunder is a sativa dominant hybrid (70/30 sativa/indica) with THC ranges from 18-20%. Created by crossing Sour Bubble and Mad Cow, Mountain Thunder provides a euphoric onset followed by an energetic focus and creativity. This strain also contains a 2-4% CBG level and has a sweet and sour fruity flavor.
Blue Lemon Thai
Another sativa/indica hybrid, Blue Lemon Thai was created from a breeding program that involved Toxic Blue and Lemon Thai strains. With lightly balanced effects and beautiful purple flowers, Blue Lemon Thai is great for those who love fruity flavors.
Sleeve of Wizard
A cross between Lucky Slevin and Wizard Punch, Sleeve of Wizard packs on a super high THC level of 30.49%. The sativa dominant hybrid buds are colorful, glistening, and small in size. Sleeve of Wizard is a popular choice for those suffering from anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or depression as it creates a balanced high, strong euphoria, and creative clear-headedness.